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 In Japan, pension benefits are provided when citizens become too old to work, develop disabilities from illness and/or injury, or die from these reasons. There are two types of Japanese pension: the welfare pension insurance for employees and the national pension system for citizens from 20 to 59 years old.

 In order to be enrolled in the national pension system, please go to the pension division of your municipal office and follow the necessary procedures. Payment into your pension is made by using a statement of payment (nofusho) sent from your municipal office.

 With regards to the welfare pension insurance, one’s pension fees are equally shared by the insured worker and their employer. The employer additionally takes their workers’ place to enlist in the system and arrange payment.

 Foreign nationals listed in the Japanese pension system for a certain period will be provided with a lump-sum withdrawal upon their return to their home country/region.

○ Details of the general system and its procedures   
   Go to (Immigration Services Agency)

○ Lists of organizations for processing and general inquiries
  (National pension system enlistment and lump-sum withdrawal payment request)
    Municipal offices in Hokkaido(Excel)

H.Childbirth / Childcare

 When you become pregnant, please go to your municipal office to report your pregnancy and receive a maternity record book (boshi kenko techo). This book is important for recording the health conditions of the mother and her child, and is necessary for their checkups.

 Medical insurance does not cover the expense of childbirth, as it is not a disease. However, the health insurance in which you are enrolled will make a lump-sum payment (called shussan ikuji ichiji kin) to you. Some municipalities also have individual subsidies including cash contributions for mothers after delivery.

 A birth certificate is issued upon the child’s birth. Parent(s) must submit a notification of birth with the birth certificate to their municipal office within 14 days after the child’s birth. This notification must also be filed with the government of their home country/region.

 If a child is born in Japan to foreign national parent(s), his/her nationality is subject to the law of the parent(s)’ home country/region. If one of the parents is Japanese, the child is able to obtain Japanese citizenship. Some countries/regions allow children to obtain dual citizenship. In this case, the child must choose one citizenship by the time when they become 22, because Japanese law does not grant dual citizenship.

 Citizenship is significant for a child’s future. Please carefully learn about the necessary procedures and documents with your home embassy in Japan, your local legal affairs bureau and municipal office.

 With regards to baby screenings, vaccinations and nursery school application, please consult your municipal office.

○ Details of the general system and its procedures
   Go to (Immigration Services Agency)

○ Lists of organizations for processing and general inquiries
  (Notifications of pregnancy/birth, subsidy system, nursery school application) 
    Municipal offices in Hokkaido(Excel)
  (Obtaining a foreign citizenship for child)
    Embassies, Consulate Generals and consulates(Excel) in Japan 
    Sapporo Legal Affairs Bureau, regional legal affairs bureaus in Hakodate, Asahikawa and Kushiro

○ Links
   Embassy of the United States of America in Tokyo
   Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Japan
   Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Japan
   Embassy of the Russian Federation in Japan
   List of foreign diplomatic/consular offices in Japan (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan)
   List of jurisdictions, Legal Affairs Bureau of Japan [Available in Japanese]

I.Other welfare

 Please read about the Japanese welfare system including child welfare, nursing care insurance, welfare for people with disabilities and social relief.

(1) National System for Child Welfare
 * Child allowance is provided for (foster) parents of children up to junior high school age. Benefits are paid until the end of March following the child’s 15th birthday.
 * Child support allowance is provided for single-parent households.
 * Allowances for (foster) parents of children with disabilities include: special child support allowance, allowance for children with disabilities and medical subsidy systems for severely mentally- and physically- disabled persons.

(2) Nursing Care Insurance
 This system is based on the concept that the whole of society supports the elderly and people in need of nursing care. Any foreign national, registered as a resident in Japan at the age of 40 or over, is required to pay a separate extra premium for nursing care. When you are recognized as in need of nursing care, you are able to access a nursing service at any age by paying 10% of the total expense.

(3) Welfare for Those with Disabilities
 This type of welfare benefits is to assist people with disabilities with their independent daily life and participation in society. A physical disability certificate (shogaisha techo) for people with physical disabilities and a rehabilitation certificate (ryoiku techo) for people with intellectual disabilities, allow them to receive several benefits, including financial assistance for medical expenses, provision and repair of wheelchairs, prosthetic limbs and other medical equipment.

(4) Social Relief
 This is provided to assist in the financial independence of poverty-laden persons/households caused by, for example, illness and/or injury. This system also applies to the households of foreign nationals residing in Japan who meet the requirements. With regards to the requirements for these benefits, please ask your local municipal office.

○ Details of the general system and its procedure
   Go to (Immigration Services Agency)

○ Lists of organizations for processing and general inquiries
  (Child welfare, nursing care insurance, welfare for people with disabilities)
    Municipal offices in Hokkaido(Excel)
  (Consultation on social relief)
    District welfare offices, if you live in Sapporo or other cities
    Municipal offices or Social Welfare Divisions of Hokkaido subprefectural bureaus, if you live in a town or village

○ Links
   List of Offices for Consultation (Regional Welfare Support Division, Department of Health and Welfare, Hokkaido
   [Available in Japanese]





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