Process of Shiretoko's Inscription on the World Heritage List

The following shows how Shiretoko was registered as world natural heritage.




May 26, 2003

The Ministry of Environment selected Shiretoko as a

domestic candidate.

(At the same time, so were the Ogasawara Islands and

Ryukyu islands.)

October 16, 2003

The Ministry of Environment and the Forestry Agency

openly showed their stance to recommend Shiretoko as a

world natural heritage.


(Reasons for recommendation)

Biodiversity, including rare species

Premival natural vegetation

Southernmost point where oceanic drift ice reaches in

northern himisphere

October 27, 2003

The 1st coordination meeting for Shiretoko as a candidate

for a world natural heritage and for neighboring regions

was held.

(Making a management plan for Shiretoko was considered.)

November 16, 2003

The Minister of Environment visited Shiretoko to observe

Shiretoko as a model district for ecotourism, as well as

a breeding and conservation area for eagles.

December 15, 2003

The 4th coordination meeting for Shiretoko as a candidate

for a world natural heritage and for neighboring regions

was held.

(Theme:making management plan for Shiretoko)

January 15, 2004

Management plan for Shiretoko was compiled.

(The plan was made in order to properly manage and

preserve Shiretoko's nature for the future generations.)

January 30, 2004

Japanese Government submitted documents of

recommendation for Shiretoko to the World Heritage Center(an affiliated body of UNESCO).

February 4, 2004

Opinion exchange session was held.Participants were

guides from private sectors as well as representatives of

 national, prefectural and local municipal governments.

(Theme:how to get guides organized for better

communication and how to make“Shiretoko Guidelines”)

July 20-25, 2004

Research and inspection in Shiretoko were carried out by

the International Union for Conservation of Nature and

Natural Resources(IUCN).

November 5, 2004

The Ministry of Environment made the first reply to a

letter from IUCN.

March 30, 2005

The Ministry of Environment made the second reply to a

letter from IUCN.

May 30, 2005

IUCN submitted an evaluation report to the World Heritage


July 17, 2005

The 29th meeting of the World Heritage Committee was held

in Durban, South Africa. The conference decided to

inscribe Shiretoko on the world heritage list as world

natural heritage.



What is IUCN?

The World Heritage Committee consists of nations which join the Convention for

the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage. The committee

decides whether or not to inscribe candidates on the world heritage list. 

There is a respective advisory body based upon the category of either cultural

or natural heritage.  IUCN is  an advisory body which deals with the

inscriptions about natural heritage.  The duties include not only evaluation of

candidates prior to the inscriptions, but also the monitoring of how the

properties are preserved after they have been listed as world natural heritage

and related duties.



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