Nature of Shiretoko (2)

~ Creating a Legacy of Conservation ~
 The people of the towns of Shari and Rausu, within whose administrative borders the peninsula lies, have committed themselves to ongoing efforts to conserve nature on Shiretoko. Volunteer activities include tree-plantings to replace forests lost to development by early settlers, and beach clean-pus to collect litter that has drifted ashore.
 The devotion and hard work of local residents was one big step toward Shiretoko's inscription as a new World Natural Heritage site.
 Still more efforts must be made, however, and a better understanding of Shiretoko achieved in order to protect the peninsula's unique natural resources while sharing them with the world and preserving them for the next generation.
 For to succeed in the conservation of Shiretoko's naturral environment is to begin to realize the true coexistence of man and nature everywhere.

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