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  Hokkaido Sister City and Affiliated Regions Round Table Meeting

      As a part of the events commemorating the 150th anniversary of Hokkaido’s official naming, 8 committees from 6 different countries gathered in the City of Sapporo on August 4th, 2018 to share their opinions regarding the passing on of new exchanges to the next generation. Committees were comprised of members from the Province of Alberta, Canada, the Province of Heilonjiang of the People’s Republic of China, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts of the United States, the Province of Sakhalin of the Russian Federation, Gyeongsangnam-do of the Republic of Korea, the Province of Chiang Mai of the Kingdom of Thailand, the Jeju Self-Governing Province of the Republic of Korea, and the State of Hawaii of the United States.


      At the start of the meeting, a panel of Hokkaido high school students presented on international relations initiatives, including a proposition to utilize information communication technologies (ICT) to hold a festival among the youth of the various sister cities and affiliated regions.


      Next, representatives presented introductions of their respective regions. Immediately after, participants exchanged ideas on the importance of sustainable sister city and affiliated region relations, while also sharing their thoughts regarding the high school students’ proposal. The meeting came to a close with participants issuing a joint declaration entitled, “Global Regional Exchanges: Handing Down to the Next Generation” in recognition of their commonalities.    

      We sincerely hope that this meeting will contribute to the mutually beneficial development of both Hokkaido and the regions with which it has developed ties, while serving as another helpful step toward world peace.


会場の様子 辻副知事

A view of the meeting in progress

Opening Remarks

Hokkaido Vice Governor, Tsuji Yasuhiro

会場の様子 登別

Youth Session (1)

Hokkaido Asahikawa Eiryo High School

Youth Session (2)

Hokkaido Noboribetsu Akebi Seconday School

立命館 高校生提言

Youth Session (3)

Ritsumeikan Keisho Senior High School

Youth Session (4)

High school students make a proposal to each region

"Proposal From High School Students" 【pdf】



チャプカ氏 李氏

Discussions during break time (1)

Discussions during break time (2) 

チャプカ氏 李氏

Discussions during break time (3)


Tsuji Yasuhiro 

Vice Governor

チャプカ氏 李氏

Province of Alberta 

Craig Chupka

Director of International Relations and Strategic Planning (Asia Pacific), Alberta Trade and Investment Affairs

Province of Heilongjiang

Li Xiangang 

Deputy Director General, Standing Committee of the Nation People's Congress

ファム氏 ベリク氏

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Pham Nam 

Assistant Secretary of Business Development & International Trade, Department of Housing and Economic Development

Province of Sakhalin

Velik Aleksei Vasil'evich 

Vice Minister

ファム氏 ベリク氏


Kwak Young Jun 

Director, International Trade Division

Province of Chiang Mai

Thanavanich Kris 

Vice Governor

キム氏 タニグチ氏

Jeju Self-Governing Province

Kim Namjin 

Director, Overseas Peace Cooperation Division

State of Hawaii

Brian Taniguchi 

Senator, State Legislature

Joint Declaration: "Global Regional Exchanges: Handing Down to the Next Generation"


"Joint Declaration: Global Regional Exchanges: Handing Down to the Next Generation" 【pdf】


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