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This page presents the natural features and people's lifestyles on the northern islands in the past and present islands with photos and descriptions.

Kunashiri -- Mt. Chacha, Zaimokuiwa (vol. 1 - photos inserted on March )

Mt. Chacha -- a beautiful double volcano which is the highest peak of the northern islands

Kunashiri, which lies in the Chishima volcanic zone, has many volcanoes. Mt. Chacha (1,822 m), the highest mountain on the northern islands, is located in the northwest part of the island and is said to be one of the most beautiful double volcanoes in the world.
Mt. Chacha is a Vesuvius-type stratovolcano with a somma (crater diameter: 250 m, somma diameter: 2.5 km). A large volcanic eruption occurred in July 1973. The volcanic smoke reached 9,000 meters on the north and southeast slopes which are 500 to 600 meters above sea level, and volcanic ash even fell on Nemuro.
Because the highest southeastern edge collapsed recently, the height of the mountain may be less than 1,800 meters now.
An exchange delegation of specialists visited the mountain from July 29 to August 5, 1999, to promote academic exchanges as part of the visa-free exchange program.

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Zaimokuiwa -- a rocky stretch with beautiful columnar joints

The west coast of the Kunashiri Island facing the Sea of Okhotsk commands a view of the Shiretoko mountain range on fine days.
Near Cape Sutorupuchai on this west coast, there is a famous scenic spot called "Zaimokuiwa," which features beautiful columnar jointing formed by 50-meter-high hexagonal rocks rising from the beach.

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Mt. atosa(Etorofu)




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