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Message from the Governor of Hokkaido


Message from the Governor of Hokkaido



Thank all of you for caring sincerely about Hokkaido.


The March 11 earthquake was unprecedented in Japan, devastating a vast area of the country. As one of Japans

citizens, I would like to express my deepest thanks for the overwhelming sympathies that have been expressed to

Japan from all across the world.


Historically, Japanese life has been realized in symbiosis with nature, both by taking pleasure in its richness and by

overcoming its many threats.


We will rise up and move on, again.


Restoration of the fishery facilities which were damaged by the earthquake is well underway, and there are currently

no transportation or accommodation problems in Hokkaido.


I am aware that many of you have been concerned about the effects of the accident at nuclear power plants in

Fukushima Prefecture. Please let me emphasize that Hokkaido is far away from Fukushima, and that monitoring

surveys of air, seawater and soil have shown no contamination of radioactive materials. The daily lives of Hokkaido

residents are the same as they were before the earthquake.


Hokkaidos long winter has ended and its cold winds have become a refreshing spring breeze; soon after, a carpet of

colorful flowers will show why summer is the most beautiful season in Hokkaido.


I sincerely hope that you will visit Hokkaido, experience its unique beauty, and engage its local people who await

your arrival.


                        May 2011




Governor of Hokkaido